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This search offers a comprehensive person index for all Egypt and Austria publications. Momentary our database contains 1928 persons.

  1. Lifetime: Considering that exact life data cannot be given for all persons occuring in the Egypt and Austria publications, such persons are registered at first by their known data (e.g. the years of their travel to egypt) with an appropriate range of variation (e.g. regarding that a traveler of the 17th century al least will be grown-up at the time of his travel). If also such data are unkown, such persons in a second step are assigned to a century of living.
    If only one date is given for the search, the second will be assumed by an average life time of 60 years.
  2. Affiliation to country: The countries-field not only contains information about the contemporary nationality of a person, but also their correlation to modern countries (e.g. the criterion Austria will find "Austrians" living in times before the official establishment of the Austrian state. There is also a criterion Hapsburg Empire, which will be usefull to find persons correlated to this geographical area (also if this is not the correct term for all historical periods).
  3. Field of activity: Persons are registered not only by their profession but also with their context to the aims of Egypt and Austria (e.g. travelers). Rulers of a country (emperor, king, khedive, etc.) are classified as monarch – also their spouses are considered (e.g. also "empress" Maria Theresia will be found under this title). To find only monarchs of a certain country, please use a combination with the countries-field.
  4. Information content: Index entries in the Egypt and Austria database are weighted by an indicator of their information content from 1 (most information) to 3 (minimal information). For normal purposes, the choice of ranges 1 & 2 (standard) will be appropriate.

The search engine and the database are provided and maintained by Konrad Antonicek. Since this work is done voluntary in his spare time, please understand that the entries cannot be guaranteed to be completed in all their details. If you find a mistake or a lacking allocation of data, please feel you invited to send your completion to webmaster@egyptandaustria.at.