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E&A III: Egyptomania

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The synergy brought by research contacts and parallel work in Vienna and Prague is enormous, and we have already received a positive response of a wider scholarly community, especially after the publication of our first proceedings. The proof of that was the presence of scholars from third countries (this time USA and Slovenia) already at the second meeting. The transfer of knowledge helps to connects research and publication activities, and helps also to prevent doubled research. Instead, we aim at a mutual enrichment and analytical studies, that will and already do fit to each other like a jigsaw puzzle.

We decided with this meeting to establish a more durable workgroup between Vienna and Prague, which is also thematically and personally connected to similar workgroups and associations, which are, however focusing more on the Western Europe (such as ASTENE- Association for the study of travel to Egypt and the Near East).

The evolving structure of the Egypt and Austria meetings has already covered the general themes of cultural and political contact (2004), then themes of Egyptomania (2005) and the history of Egyptology and scholarship (2006).


Proceedings EA3

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A review of the proceedings volume by Jaromir Malek is published in the Bulletin of the Association for the Study of Travel in Egypt and the Near East: Notes and Queries 34 (2007). See the online edition.