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Find more details on our conference in 2004 in the report on our Meeting "Egypt and Austria II" …

The project "Egypt and Austria II" was able to cover many aspects of Egyptomania and the History of Egyptology in the Austrian Hapsburg monarchy. The project presented a continuation of the project 38p11, and the long-standing cooperation in research on history of Egyptology, Egyptomania and Orientalism. The fact that there is such cooperation has started a synergic effort of both Institutes. The Viennese archives and libraries often complement Prague material, as has been proved in previous stays and comparison of work. This is true in study of relationships Hapsburg monarchy – the Orient as well.

The symposium “Egypt and Austria II” was oriented at the modern history [i.e. 1526–1918] of relations between the Austrian Hapsburg monarchy and Egypt, and its contextual background. These are portrayed in a broader perspective of the Austrian Eastern policy, and in context of the developing Austrian Orientalism, with a special focus on the so-called “Egyptomania” and related phenomena of cultural history. The symposium, with its proceedings, was a further step in the long-term study and popularisation of these phenomena.

The symposium also helped in preparation of a larger conference Danube monarchy and the Orient, realised in 2006, under the auspices of the research project supported by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic.

Participants – Vienna:

Dr. Johanna Holaubek (Institute of Egyptology, Vienna), Egyptologist, the Austrian partner of the project, in respect of the theme of the project specializing in the history of travel and the classification of travellers to Egypt, together with an Egyptological perspective.
Ao. Prof. Peter Janosi, Egyptologist, (Institute of Egyptology, Vienna), with history of Austrian Egyptological activities and their context in Egypt, including the development of Austrian archaeological works in Egypt.
Prof. Edith Specht, Historian, her research includes the gender history aspects, with a wide context of ancient history. Her specialisation includes numismatics and the Central Europe in Antiquity.
Dr Erich Sommerauer, specialist in African studies, of the Institute of African studies, Vienna University, following the explanation of Austrian presence in Sudan.

students: Konrad Antonicek, Andrea Blaschek, Roman Gundacker, Anna Selander

Participants – Prague:

Mgr Adela Mackova, (Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts), historian with a command of the early 1920s sources, regarding the relations of Egypt and newly established Czechoslovakia, as a follower state to Austria-Hungary.
Dr. Lucie Storchova, (Institute of Philosophy, Czech Academy of Sciences), historian, specialising in the Renaissance period, and humanism.
Dr. Roman Misek, (Charles University in Prague, Faculty of Arts), specialising in the history of Austrian policy regarding Eastern question, and presenting an overview of changes of these developments during 19th century.
Dr. Hana Navratilova, Egyptologist (Czech Institute of Egyptology), providing an overview of the cultural activities in Bohemia of the 19th century, connected with Egypt.
Dr. Wolf B. Oerter, Egyptologist, Coptologist, (Czech Institute of Egyptology), with a thorough examination of the German University in Prague and its chairs related to Egyptology and neighbouring subjects. This is an issue that sheds new light on the basements of Egyptology in Austria-Hungary.

students: Marek Dospìl, Lucie Jirásková


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